Empower Your Team to Communicate with International Clients in English

With Customized Business English Courses Tailored to the Unique Needs of Your Industry and Company

Join Companies Excelling in Professional English Customer Service:

A Personalized Approach is the Foundation of Our Method

Stay Motivated by Immediately Applying Your English Skills in Practice

Step 1: Watch Videos Reflecting Everyday Client Interactions in Your Business

Learn Practical Phrases for Immediate Use in Business Communication

Step 2: Use Learned Key Phrases in a Practical Speaking trainig

This Approach Helps You Naturally Memorize Complete Phrases, Not Just Isolated Words and Boosts Your Ability to Recall Them in Real Conversations

Step 3: Learn to Speak Intuitively and Much Faster Than with Standard Learning Methods

Through Careful Selection, Your Learning Program Includes Only What You Truly Need, Saving You Time by Skipping Topics Irrelevant for Your Industry

Reduce Language Training Costs in Your Company,
While Maintaining a Tailored Learning Program for Each Group


First, We'll Understand the Language Needs of Your Company

We’ll Conduct a Language Audit of Your Employees, Understand the Situations in Which You Use English, and Identify the Language Requirements Specific to Your Industry.

Then, We'll Prepare Your Customized Learning Program

With the Admin Panel, You Can Grant Access to the Platform on the Day of Signing the Agreement and Immediately Start a Refresher Course.

60 Days to Change Your Mind

If Our Method Doesn’t Meet Your Expectations, We’ll Refund 100% of the Course Fee.

Why Vivolang is the Perfect Solution for Small and Medium Businesses

Years of Teaching Experience
Industry-Specific Lessons
Business English Phrases


A2 - C1

Private Tutor, Language School, or E-Learning Platform?

Unlike classes with a private tutor or in language schools, Vivolang is always available when you want to practice English. What sets us apart from other platforms is our fully personalized program and focus on speaking skills.

When Can You Start Learning?

The full implementation of the platform takes about 2-6 weeks from the signing of the contract to providing personalized learning programs to all employees. This timeline depends on the industry, level, and number of learning programs.

60 Days Money-Back Guarantee

You can confidently test our platform for two months, and if the learning doesn’t yield results or the method doesn’t suit you, we’ll refund the total cost of the course.

Starting from 49 PLN per Month

The cost of a 14-month course for a 10-person team is 6,990 PLN. For similar training in a language school, you’d have to pay around 72,000 PLN (for weekly classes).

How Was the Method Developed?

I first noticed this phenomenon many years ago while teaching children. I realized that even minor changes in the approach to the same subject can keep students highly motivated throughout the course. Working with Business English students, I found that this applies just as well to programmers, bank directors, anesthesiologists, and marketers.

Simply modifying each grammatical topic to practice its practical application in the student’s relevant industry is enough to maintain language learning perseverance.

We have just released a new version of our software, addressing several user-reported issues.

Bank Management: 
We have just announced a strategic partnership with a fintech company to enhance our digital banking services.

Medical Industry: 
We have just conducted a groundbreaking clinical trial that shows promising results for a potential treatment.

We have just launched an influencer marketing campaign on social media platforms to reach a wider audience.

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